A King in a Hula Hoop

one of the things the Recovery program I’m part of teaches is to stay in your own imaginary Hula Hoop.1 think of your work, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, as being located in a centered place within yourself. the hula hoop around you marks the boundaries of what you can and can’t – in reality, as opposed to what we usually attempt most of the time – control. i mean, nobody can make anybody else successfully hula hoop – you have to learn to do it with your own awesome hips and tummy and legs. same with your spiritual hips and tummy and legs.2

jesus says things about this all the time. though not specifically about hula hoops, which are a toy released in 1958 by the Wham-O company.3 however, if there had been hula hoops, i think jesus’d’ve used them in a parable. i mean, he used whatever was around – bread dough, figs, lamp oil, chickens …

here are a few applicable jesus-isms: “don’t judge other people” is a good example of staying in one’s own hula hoop. “take the 2×4 out of your own eye before you try to take the speck of dust out of somebody else’s.” “just say ‘yes’ or ‘no'” works too. and there’s also staying in one’s own hula hoop regarding planning and control, as in, being in this moment. “stop worrying about what to eat or drink or wear.” “let tomorrow take care of itself.”

in order for me to remain in my own space, knowing what is my business and isn’t, what is my responsibility and isn’t, what i can expect from someone else or the future or the universe, i have to remember my sovereignty as a person on this planet, in this moment. in Jungian psychology work, the archetype that i draw from when i want to be in this centered place, this place of deeply knowing my inherent worth and my birthright as a child of god, is the King. this Sovereign energy (Queen archetype fits too!) isn’t about ruling over anything; rather it is simply a way of saying,  “This is what I am responsible for today, and I take responsibility for it, and my choices matter, and I will make them in healthy ways as i am able.” it’s never about controlling anyone or any outcome. intentions? yes. desires? yes. but always in service to something larger than myself.

and – i can’t make another person do or say or think anything. if i try to climb into your hula hoop to tell you what to do, i’m manipulating you. healthy King energy doesn’t coerce or bully; i’ve got enough to do already that’s just about me. when i find myself trying to make other people do what i want, or deciding what would be best for someone else, i have left my healthy King energy and am now a Tyrant, not in my own space but in everybody else’s. that’s no way to live; it was modeled for me for years, and it doesn’t work. i choose today to stay in my hula hoop (and not in yours), and to be the healthy King i was born to be.

she’s doing it right

i think they’re doing it wrong

i’m not sure what’s happening here at all

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  1. i’m going to stop capitalizing that brand name now.
  2. there is a breakdown in the analogy since the hula hoop is about boundaries, not keeping the hula hoop spinning – but i kind of like those two aspects combined regarding spirituality and practicality.
  3. People have played with hoops and wheels for centuries – but this one is plastic! and Wham-O also makes Frisbees and and Silly String and the Hacky Sack. so, suck it, children of centuries ago who played with hoops hand-made of native grasses or bendable wood slats! the modern Hula Hoop comes in a broad range of exciting colors!


  1. Brilliant analogy o wise on. I am so enjoying, and learning from, your journey. Thanks for sharing. Love you brother

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