This is a prayer I read aloud every morning. I fill in the blanks with whatever thing, idea, person, plan, or attachment I’m particularly mulling over / bothered by / focusing on. I also use this to release things I love. … The people I love. The ideas I love. The outcomes I hope will happen. It’s not that those people and ideas and outcomes are bad or need to go – but my attachments to them do. Attachment keeps me from seeing, and feeling, and being present to What Is In Front Of Me.

*Warning: Don’t say this to your soul or god if you don’t mean it even at least a little bit. … because it works.


Today, in this moment, with your help, God,

I’m here. And I bring ________________ with me.

I release my expectations of what I think life should or should not be,

And I release my resentments and regrets about what I wish life had or had not been.

I release my expectations of what I think I should or should not be,

And I release my resentments and regrets about what I wish I had or had not been.

I release the past: all my shame, doubts, and worries about what I think I should’ve said or did, what I think I shouldn’t’ve said or did, what I tell myself I fucked up, dropped, or forgot. I step into this moment, Now, and let go of everything that has happened before – in my life, and in every other person’s life.

I release the future: all my plans, my attachments, my agendas, my desires, all the things I think need to happen or should happen or have to happen or not happen. I don’t know what’s best; any future that I can want or imagine is nothing compared to what you have created and are creating. I welcome whatever you send me.

God, you love me more than I do, and you love me more fully than I can love myself.

God, you know better, and can see more clearly, what is best for me, and for ________________, than I can.

So today, I thank you for ________________, and for the gifts that ________________ has brought me, for the gifts I see and the gifts I don’t see, for the gifts I like today and the gifts I don’t like today.


I release ________________.

… All of ________________.

I discard expectations about what I ever wanted from ________________.

I discard the things I’ve made ________________ into that she/he/they/it never was at all.

I acknowledge that ________________ is absolutely not what I’ve projected onto her/him/them/it.

You are what brought ________________ into my life; ________________ is not and was never even mine to give up – so, I release even the illusion that ________________ was or is mine in the first place.

I open my hands in surrender, acknowledging that every one around me is her/his own person, with her/his own path to follow, and with her/his own lessons to learn, none of which are my business.

God, you know that it is hard for me to surrender things that I am focused so strongly on.

And it scares me, every day, to pray this prayer to you –

but I choose to trust you when this is difficult and I am not sure how to do it.

Whatever ________________ may look like in my life tomorrow or the next day,

With your help, I will release ________________ to you again.      And again.           And again.

… amen …

… rinse … repeat … 

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