other rick diamonds

There are other Rick Diamonds. I find that strange and hilarious. I wonder what they think about the fact that I am also a Rick Diamond. it’s not exactly like having a doppelganger necessarily, but in my case, some of these are pretty great. also, i don’t know how to type the o with the two dots on the top that would make “doppelganger” correct at least in german.

this is Richard Diamond Private Detective, a radio show in the 1950s turned into a TV show in the early 1960’s.  not a Rick Diamond but was on the air when i was conceived. and my father’s name was Richard Diamond. funny.

richarddiamond homicidemadeeasy

let’s start with what’s easily the most awesome of all the Rick Diamonds: “Australia’s Big O,” a Roy Orbison impersonator /  entertainer. no shit.

rickdiamond royorbison

there’s a Rick Diamond who’s a photographer based in Mableton, Georgia, which is, i believe, part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. i can’t get photos of him because he’s behind the camera all the time, but lots of pics of famous people say “Rick Diamond” at the bottom. here’s his Getty Images page with lots of famous people. … but let’s put in a picture he took. not Rick Diamond.

GTY 488838437 E ENT ACE USA TN

here’s Rick Diamond who’s Staff Scientist and Deputy of Research Operations of the Building Technology and Urban Systems Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. i think he has a nice smile. and he plays the violin.


this is Rick Diamond, Senior Actuary for NovaRest Actuarial Consulting. i don’t know what that is.

Rick Diamond is also Director of Employment Services for the Disability Network of Lakeshore, Michigan’s, Lakeshore Center for Independent Living, who also has a nice smile.


there’s Rick Diamond, Senior VP & I.T. Director at WFG National Title Insurance Company. again, i don’t know what that is. also, there’s Rick Diamond who is Senior Advisor for Behavior & Decision Making, Planning & Evaluation for the California Institute for Energy and Environment.

here’s a musician.  & his youtube page.

this is a wrestler.

this is a wrestler named Hollywood Rick Diamond the Real Estate Timeshare King. i have no idea what that means but here he is in a youtube clip.

rickdiamond wrestler

there is a musician whose name is Dick Diamond. that name will be important in my story, though not this guy.


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