i am not a christian

if you’ve come to this website because i’m a pastor, or wrote a book that religious people have read, please know: i’m not really a christian. not like that.

not the kind of christians who believe in jesus as personal savior or that god will punish forever those who haven’t prayed the prayer of salvation by sending them to hell.

actually, not the kind of christians who believe in hell at all. i mean, what’s the point?

not the kind of christians who believe one denomination or faith system or belief-set or collection of dogma is from god.

the-gift-of-god-is-eternal-life-in-christ-jesusnot the kind of christians who believe in something called the church, or the communion of saints,   or the kingdom of god which is all the christians.

not the kind of christians who picket abortion clinics or believe LGBTQI persons are different or sinful or not god’s beloved just as they are.

not the kind of christians who demean or try to convert people who believe differently.

not the kind of christians who condemn each other – conservative or progressive – for not following god as you think they should.

i curse. a lot. i ask hard questions and i don’t back down from hard answers. i don’t care if you think i’m going to hell. actually, i do care just because i care about you as a fellow child of god. but i’m not going to change my present convictions because you think i’m apostate, heretic, off-base, under satan’s spell.

and anyway, my convictions have changed over the years and they will change again.satan_is_real

i fight for equality and a voice for all persons, straight gay, race, religion, belief. that includes yours.

if you tell me “the bible says” something, i will be happy to reply that anybody can make the bible say anything. so, i’m looking for something else if we’re going to have a conversation. but if we’re conversing so you can convert me, can we just have coffee and watch a great movie and hang out instead?

i am here to share my story and path alongside yours. and to hear your story. you do your thing and i’ll do mine. or shut the fuck up and get out of my way.

if you want to know what kind of a non-christian i am, there’s plenty here.

may the lord bless you and keep you.


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