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Dr. Rick Diamond grew up all over Texas. After receiving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from Baylor University, he was an Instructor of English at two colleges in East Texas for ten years, which included teaching writing and literature to high school students, to inmates in maximum-security prisons, and to thousands of college students. He won numerous teaching awards, as well as co-authoring a college textbook, The Creative Writing Guide. He and his family loved living in Tyler, the Rose Capital of the World, nestled behind the resplendent Pine Curtain of East Texas.

In 1994 Rick left academia, attended Perkins School of Theology in Dallas, was consecrated and then ordained as a United Methodist minister in 1996 and 1999, and joined the staff of Pollard United Methodist Church in Tyler, Texas, where he served as Associate Pastor of Christian Learning and Discipleship.

Rick had big questions about the future of Christianity; this led him to earn a Doctor of Ministry degree in Postmodern Church Leadership from Drew University in 2001. He traveled all over the country and met many interesting people doing important work in helping Christianity evolve in the 21st century.

In August 2001, Rick joined the staff of Riverbend Church in Austin, Texas, as Pastor of Discipleship. During his three years there, he and his family met many beautiful people, learned a lot, and fell in love with Austin, an city full of spiritual seekers and strange,  beautiful things.wwg cover

In 2003, Relevant Press published Rick’s book Wrestling With God*, his exploration of what he calls the ‘untidy spiritual journey.’ WWG was endorsed by leaders and thinkers in many circles of the emerging-church conversation and was on borders.com‘s list of the 10 best books on spirituality and religion of 2004.

In summer 2004, Rick began leadership of Journey Imperfect Faith Community, an experimental independent faith community in Austin which has at its heart the idea that a group of people can grow closer to God and to one another as they serve God together. Journeyers are chaos-friendly and loving, and brave in how they follow Jesus.

Rick is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and inspirer, having led hundreds of church, denominational, and community groups in retreats, classes and workshops. He has published essays and articles on spiritual and church issues, serves as an adjunct faculty member in Drew University’s Doctor of Ministry program, and speaks at regional and national conferences about the opportunities facing the 21st century church.

Rick has two tall children, Caitlin The Poet, and Alex The Superhero (who’s married to Emily The Brilliant). Rick is married to Christina Wisdom The Magnificent. Rick likes to fish, draw, read, write, work in the yard, participate in men’s spirituality & emotions work, and play Batman video games. He is untidy.

rick oct 70 4th grade

Fourth Grade, 1970

*No, that’s not me on the cover of WWG; that guy’s way too skinny and i don’t wear nice slacks

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